This biennial event is the major means for scholars, professionals, international agency representatives, government officials and others to come together to share professional papers, exchange views, and work toward the Consortium’s goals. Sessions are held in accessible, low-cost locations to encourage attendance.

Since the inaugural symposium in Hong Kong in 1980, people representing over 60 nations have gathered for ICSD symposia in Great Britain (1982), Canada (1984), Japan (1986), Finland (1988), Costa Rica (1990), United States of America (1992), Sri Lanka (1994), Portugal (1996) Egypt (1998), South Africa (1999), Turkey (2001), India (2003), Brazil (2005), Hong Kong (2007), Monterrey, Mexico (2009), Dhaka, Bangladesh (2011) and Kampala, Uganda (2013), Singapore (2015), and Croatia (2017)

After great conferences in previous years, we are preparing the symposium with a new perspective on the social development context. As you would remember in Dhaka (2011), we focused on the issue of good governance and its importance for building knowledge and social development. In Kampala (2013), we explored new frontiers in social development and its challenges that contemporary societies are facing. Our last symposium in Singapore (2015), led us through transforming societal trends and different models in community leadership connected with social development.

Aims and Objectives

       • To identify region-specific issues and challenges in social development
  • To discuss and analyze the roles, responsibilities and opportunities for social development
  • To explore regional, national and global opportunities through collaborations and sustainability toward social development

The planning committee involves various stakeholders to build a program that will be designed to attend to the specific branches of the ICSD. Planning is underway for the 20th International Biennial Symposium to be held 7-11 July, 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia in partnership with: University of Ljubljana; University of Nevada, Reno; University of St. Thomas, St. Paul; University of Southern California; University of Minnesota

Does your organization want to host the 20th Biennial Symposium?

Visit the website for the Zagreb conference:http://icsd2017.org




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